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Kaleidoscope Audition Notices For 2002

We are looking for actors ages 10 to 19 for our Summer 2002 Teen One-Act Festival. We will present the six one-act plays listed below. There are a total of 25 characters, but we expect to double some of the roles, depending on the actors.

To learn more about our directors and designers, see our staff bios.

Sightings, by Brad Slaight

Jarred and Julie have been friends for many years, but the pressure of social acceptance has created a canyon in their relationship. Julie must decide how important her friendship with Jarred is, and what she'd be willing to sacrifice for the status of popularity. Jarred complicates her decision by insisting alien beings will arrive at any moment to carry him, and a person of his choice, off to the planet Zun.

Jarred Morton Likable, odd and waiting for aliens. Age 14-18.
Julie Mathers Jarred's best friend for many years. Age 14-18.
Chad Morris Julie's date for the high school prom. A self-important attractive young man. Nice building, no elevator. Age 16-19.

The Actor's Nightmare, by Christopher Durang

Having casually wandered on stage, George is informed that one of the actors, Eddie, has been in an accident and must be replaced immediately. Apparently, no one is sure what play is being performed but George stumbles through several shows, playing a variety of roles, before meeting the executioner.

George Spelvin A conservative young man (age 13-19)
Meg The Stage Manager (age 10-12)
Sarah Siddons An Actress (age 13-19)
Ellen Terry Another Actress (age 13-19)
Henry Irving An Actor (age 13-19)
The Executioner An Executioner (age 10-12)

High Tide, by Brad Slaight

A chance meeting with two girls on a Southern California beach helps two young men sort out their feelings about the death of their best friend.

Brian Pressman A California surfer who is suffering from the death of his best friend. Age 15-18.
Keith Kole Another surfer, who looks up to Brian. Age 14-17.
Lisa A tourist from Ohio who is looking for a tan and a man. Age 14-17.
Connie Another tourist from Ohio. She is Lisa's friend. Age 15-18.
Tony A California Lifeguard. Age 18-19.

Eating Out, by Marcia Dixon

Three girls, each struggling with a different type of eating disorder, tell their stories in the hopes to raise social consciousness regarding young girls negative perception of their own bodies within the American culture.

Chris An anorexic (age 14-17)
Melanie A bulimic (age 10-13)
Pat An All-American girl (age 17-19)

How to Write a Play, by Peter Terson

In this British comedy two boys, Colin and Ian, hope to get in a relaxing day of fishing. Instead they learn that "all the world's a stage" - including a quiet riverbank.

Ian Young British potential playwright. Age 10-15.
Colin Ian's friend and fishing companion. Age 12-16.
Girl The mysterious girl from the council estate. Age 13-19.
Tough The local London punk. Age 13-19.

The Shallow End, by Wendy MacLeod

At a suburban public swimming pool, the popular girls of the shallow end and the loner of the deep end come face to face in this witty off beat comedy.

Theresa The ringleader (age 13-14)
Becca The follower (age 13-14)
Addie The brain (age 13-14)
Marjorie The oddball (age 13-14)


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